Sensei Michi Nagase was born in Japan in 1976. At 19 years of age, he moved to Canada to pursue his dream to become an airline pilot. While he was a student pilot, he started training in Kyokushin karate under Shihan Tats Nakamura in Richmond, B.C. He began competing in local tournaments as a coloured belt. From 2005 he was competing at the international level, and quickly became one of the top competitors in North America. He was a Canadian Champion in 2008 and 2009, and North American Weight Category Champion in 2010 and 2011. He was selected to compete in the World Karate Championships representing Canada twice–in 2007 and 2011. Now his focus is on passing on his knowledge and skills to his kohais (juniors).

In his personal and professional life Sensei Michi is a father of five and a pilot with Westjet.


Tournament History :

2011 10th World Karate Championships: National Team
2011 7th North American Weight Category (Heavyweight): 1st
2011 US Weight Category Tournament (Middleweight): 2nd
2010 Vancouver Cup (Middleweight): 1st
2010 All American Open Championships : 7th
2010 Montreal Elite Championship(Middleweight): 1st
2010 US Weight Category Tournament (Middleweight): 2nd
2009 Canadian Championship(Open Heavyweights): 1st
2008 Vancouver Cup (Middleweight): 1st
2008 Canadian Championship(Open Heavyweights): 1st
2007 9th World Karate Championships: National Team
2007 5th North American Weight Category(Middleweight): 2nd
2004 Vancouver Cup(Middleweight): 2nd
2004 Canadian Championship(Men’s Open division): 2nd

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